In the beginning of Season 2 was the introduction of XPT-1 racers. XPT-1 Racers are the new race cars for Team Fastex that use atomic fuel run by forced-combustion systems. These particular cars had Rescue Racers built within them witch ejected from the chassis of the car when deemed necessay. This as well as many other forms of technology was designed and built by Megan "Spitfire" Fassler. Even though Douglas Danaka had said they were very complicated, Lugnut Gooch was able to diagnoise and repair them with ease. Deppending upon the driver, the XPT-1 had special nuances added to it:
  • Carlos Rey's XPT-1 had a parachute that popped out for imediately slow down the car as well as two booster rockets that were located on the bottom right side of the car. When activated, the force from the rockets would shift the entire car on the two left side tires. This trick allowed Carlos to execute passes through tight spaces.
  • Mark McCutchen's XPT-1 had two rockets that popped out from either side of the car which would help propel him forward.
  • Steve Sharp's XPT-1 would propel wings from underneath the car as well as two rockets from behind the car. This would help Steve to fly his car through the air.
  • Megan Fassler's XPT-1 nuances that were similar to Mark's. She also had a rope that propelled from the front end of the car and that could attach to anything.