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While real life NASCAR tracks are mainly ovals, NASCAR Racers is anything but. The racers compete on a wide variety of courses, including road course, off-road, mountain, and Motorsphere. The Motorsphere track starts with a typical race track leading into a sphere, then tracks are wrapped around the inner surface of the sphere, which look like the AcceleDrome track from AcceleRacers.

The NASCAR Unlimited Division features cutting edge, over the top technologies (from the show's point of view). To protect drivers from crashes, each race car has an inner Rescue Racer that ejects from the outer body if an accident happens. XPT racers, introduced in season 2, are the new race cars for Team Fastex. XPT racers use atomic fuel run by forced-combustion systems. They were very similar in design to the cars in the first season. Nitro Racers contain high-flux fusion units that can get maximum power out of atomic fuel. The change in body design from the XPT racers to the Nitro Racers was similar to the Nextel Cup transition to the "car of tomorrow". XPT racers were sleeker than the Nitro Racers and the Nitro racers were boxier than the XPTs; Similarly, the "car of tomorrow" was built to be boxier than the previous design. The characters often race on simulators to hone their skills before actual races; this is also done by real NASCAR drivers. (Often using off-the-shelf games).

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