The NASCAR Racers PC Game was developed and published by Hasbro Interactive. It was released on November 21, 2001 for the PC, Sony Playstation as well as the Nintendo Gamboy Color underneath the genre: 'Futuristic Racing'. The PC ans Playstation versions of the Game featured thirteen levels or missions that had to be completed. The thirteenth mission was considered to be a bonus mission that had you racing a 'Rescue Racer' instead of a stock car. This game recieved horrendous reviews for sevral reasons
  1. Since the game was considered a 'Futuristic Racer' and not a 'Racing Simulator', The gameplay was sluggish and not at all realistic.
  2. One of the biggest faults of this was featuring tracks that were located in London, Germany, Egypt and son. They seems nice, but have no place in this game cause first,The Tv show never mentioned most of these tracks so it seemed very lazy for the company to throw them into the game. Second, Let me remind you the NASCAR stands for the National Association Of Stock Car Autoracing So it wouldn't make sense for these drivers to be in these places since they are not in America.
  3. What also made this game terrible is the fact that the original voice actors weren't voicing these characters.