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Mark 'Charger' McCutchen was born and raised in Mobil, Alabama to his mother and father. His father, Junior McCutchen, died when his plane lost control and crashed into the Appalachian Mountains. Mark was left with his mother and his younger brother Miles. In the series, Mark often showed driving skill and ambition above the rest of the team, thus being able to drive the highly dangerous prototype XPT-1 in the thirteenth episode, even if it didn't have a rescue racer built in. Mark has a crush on Megan, leading to a conflict with Redline in the second season.

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  • Mark's nickname 'Charger' is derived from his fast car. Mark's car contains booster rockets on both sides of the car that pop out and propel him forward. It was often depicted as the most powerful car on the track.
  • Mark's car is identified with red and yellow and has the #204 on the side. He also has a decal of a knight who carries a lance and who rides a horse.
  • Mark's trademark catch phrase is "Let's Get Charged!"
  • Mark is a third generation driver right after his father Junior McCutchen and grandfather 'Old' Mat McCutchen.
  • Mark is known for being an eccentric and team-oriented individual who doesn't change much throughout the series.
  • When Mark's not wearing his racing suit, he wears a bule and white plaid button up shirt over a whit t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.
  • Everytime when Marks talks to his younger brother, Miles, he switches Mile's cap forward.
  • Lyle Owens refers to Mark as 'Country Boy'.