Diesel "Junker" Spitz drives the #707 for Team Rexcor. Diesel is the second Rexcor driver that is presented in the series. According to certain rumors, Diesel was a championship racer in Europe,but was banned for creating a lot of destruction. Later on in the show, theres a hint that he commited some thuggery in his past. With his old friend Wolfe, they use to commit grand theft auto in order to earn money. Diesel is actually the second Rexcor driver introduced in the series. In the pilot episode "Start Your Engines", theres a scene where Carlos, Mark and Steve decide to race their cycles in an abandoned road by The Diner. Little did they know that Diesel would be driving towards them in the opposite direction. An accident happened, but no one got hurt. Diesel apologized and drove one of the ruined bikes back at The Diner.