Carlos 'Stunts' Rey is an Ex-Westcoast Motorcycle Champion who joined Team Fastex. Carlos is known for being the egotistical one of the group as well as the risk-taker. Through the series, we tend to get to know Carlos more. At first, he appears to be a greedy person who always seems to be motivated by money and also owes debts to people. Carlos was used in the show to represent the corprate side of the sport. If hes not doing the 'Hat Dance' in Victory Lane, he's doing commercials for certain Sponsors such as Fizz Cola. The only thing that we know about Carlo's personal life is that he has a dying father who suffers from an incurrable disease and that he hails from the west coast. Soon Carlos meets up with a woman named Eve "Daredevil' Kildare. She and Carlos started to develop a relationship with each other until Carlos found out about her connection to Garner Rexton. Carlos' signature colors are green and yellow. His car number is #404. The decal on the hood of his car is a jumping 'stick-figured' man.